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Uniparts India Ltd – IPO Note – Equity Research Desk

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Company Overview:  Uniparts India is a global manufacturer of engineering systems and solutions. It is one of the leading suppliers of systems and components for the off-highway market in agriculture…Continue Reading

Alpha | CMS Infosystems Ltd. – Equity Research Desk

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CMS Infosystems Ltd. – Cash management services CMS, headquartered in Mumbai, is India’s leading cash management services provider. The company was incorporated in March 2008, by hiving off selected business…Continue Reading

Archean Chemical Industries Ltd – IPO Note – Equity Research Desk

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Company Overview:  Archean Chemical Industries is a leading specialty marine chemical manufacturer in India and focused on producing and exporting bromine, industrial salt, and sulphate of potash to customers around…Continue Reading

FI Bullets – October 2022 | Equity Research Desk

Equities Desk

Dear Investor,  The month of October was an exciting month filled with festivities and celebrations – Diyas, Sweets, Shopping & whatnot. With that said, we had a wonderful time celebrating…Continue Reading

Alpha | CreditAccess Grameen Ltd. – Equity Research Desk

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CreditAccess Grameen Ltd. – Leader in MFI Established in 1991 as Sanni Collection Private Limited in West Bengal, CA Grameen (CreditAccess Grameen Ltd) commenced its microfinance operations in 1998 as…Continue Reading

Alpha | TCS Ltd- Equity Research Desk

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TCS Ltd. – Pioneer of IT Sector Established in 1968 as a division of Tata Sons, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Limited is currently the largest Indian IT services company. The…Continue Reading

Alpha | Bajaj Auto Ltd.- Equity Research Desk

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Bajaj Auto Ltd. – Market’s Favorite Auto Stock Bajaj Auto, the flagship company of Bajaj Group, is a two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing company that exports to 70+ countries across Latin…Continue Reading

What should you do during periods of uncertainty?

Shrinath M L

Have you seen people who keep pressing the elevator button despite the light indicating that it is already pressed? Have you noticed people honking their horns repeatedly when the traffic…Continue Reading

Indian equity markets near all-time highs. What should you do?

Jiral Mehta

In the last few weeks, the Indian equity markets have recovered (up around 17%) and are now close to their previous all-time high levels.  Whenever markets hit all-time highs, it…Continue Reading

Stock Screener | Money minting stocks – Equity Research Desk

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Money Minting stocks refers to the companies which are having a good cash conversion cycle (CCC) with the best cash management.  CCC is a great tool which measures the total…Continue Reading