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Should you invest in an NFO? Here is a Framework that will help you decide

Jiral Mehta

This article was originally published in Livemint. Click here to read it Nowadays, there are new mutual fund launches almost every day! Thanks to the bull market and increasing equity market participation, in the…Continue Reading

Here is everything that you need to know about Arbitrage Funds

Jiral Mehta

What are Arbitrage Funds? Arbitrage Funds are Debt Oriented Hybrid Funds which invest in a mix of Arbitrage and Debt/FDs. They usually have 65-75% of their portfolio in ‘Arbitrage’ investments…Continue Reading

Are Small Caps in a Bubble?

Ashika N

This framework was first circulated to FundsIndia clients on 01-Mar-24, as we exited from our Small Cap Tactical call Are Small caps in a bubble?  Here is our 6 lens…Continue Reading

India Interim Budget FY25 – Continued Emphasis on Capex and Fiscal Consolidation

Jiral Mehta

Key Highlights 1. Continuing on the path of Fiscal Consolidation   Projected fiscal deficit at 5.1% of GDP for FY25 – in line with the original fiscal consolidation glide path…Continue Reading

The Girl Who Felt No Pain and the Indian Investor

Arun Kumar

This article was originally published in Livemint. Click here to read it All of us hate pain. But what if you could live a life without pain? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Welcome to…Continue Reading

Indian Equity Markets at All-Time Highs. What should you do?

Jiral Mehta

In the last few months, Indian equity markets have recovered (up around 14%) and have reached new all-time high levels. When markets reach all-time highs, it’s normal to feel uneasy…Continue Reading

The Lost Art of Subtract!

Arun Kumar

An abridged version of this article was first published in Livemint. Click here to read it ‘Subtracting’ Your Way To Success In 1948, the McDonald brothers Richard and Maurice, temporarily…Continue Reading

Steer Clear of These 3 Behavioral Pitfalls During Bull Markets

Arun Kumar

An abridged version of this article was first published in Livemint, Click here to read it Most of us think, bull markets are easy to participate and make money. However, surprisingly, many…Continue Reading

Is there a higher risk of a large fall when the equity market reaches an all-time high?

Shrinath M L

“Given the sharp run-up in recent weeks, I feel the risk of a large market fall has increased. Should I redeem my equity investments to avoid loss?” If you had…Continue Reading

Demystifying Home Loan EMIs: What They Don’t Tell You

Jiral Mehta

This article was originally published in financial express. Click here to read it Do you have a home loan outstanding or are you planning to take a home loan? If ‘Yes’, do…Continue Reading