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6 Eccentric People Who Can Change The Way You Approach Gilt Funds

Arun Kumar

In recent times, we have been receiving a lot of queries on – Is it the right time to invest in Gilt funds? Instead of straight away revealing our views,…Continue Reading

Spike in gilt fund returns – should you invest?

Vignesh  Sayeesundar

Over the past month, we have been receiving many queries from our customers about gilt funds. The sudden spurt in such queries has been caused by the high 1-year returns…Continue Reading

Returns of debt funds are trending up

Bhavana Acharya

Last week, we wrote on liquid fund returns and how the high returns of 2018 have begun sliding. This trend is both on account of an abnormal credit situation easing…Continue Reading

Should you invest in gilt funds?

Vidya Bala

Another repo rate cut of 25 basis points by the RBI on Friday and you begin to wonder if the rate cuts can give you a cool ride in gilt…Continue Reading