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Vignesh Sayeesunder was a Research Analyst, Mutual Fund Research at FundsIndia

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Repo rates – How they affect the economy

Vignesh  Sayeesundar

You might have seen a newsflash last week, along the lines of: “The Monetary Policy Committee of the RBI cut the repo rate by 35 basis points to 5.40%.” What…Continue Reading

Spike in gilt fund returns – should you invest?

Vignesh  Sayeesundar

Over the past month, we have been receiving many queries from our customers about gilt funds. The sudden spurt in such queries has been caused by the high 1-year returns…Continue Reading

Stock Markt Rally of 2019 Explained

The 2019 stock market rally explained

Vignesh  Sayeesundar

Investors were in for a reality check post a dream run of 2017, with most stocks falling sharply through 2018. But since February this year, markets took a turn upwards.…Continue Reading