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FundsIndia Equity Strategies: Change spells opportunities for you

Vidya Bala

From uncertainty to confidence is what the markets went through from January till date in 2014. And that change of mood is what triggered a 15% rally in the Sensex…Continue Reading

How your investment behaviour can be a recipe for poor returns

Vidya Bala

In this article, I wish to share a few thoughts from an interesting presentation made by Prashant Jain, ED and CIO, HDFC Mutual. In this presentation, Prashant Jain points out…Continue Reading

Why equity outperforms other asset classes

Vidya Bala

Have you ever wondered why equity is universally acknowledged as an asset that delivers superior returns over other asset classes such as debt or gold in the long term? The…Continue Reading

“Value investing is a far bigger opportunity in India now”

Vidya Bala

Even as the equity markets continue to puzzle its participants with the daily ups and downs, ICICI Pru AMC has gone ahead and launched its value-focussed fund, ICICI Prudential value…Continue Reading

Should you make your move into the market now?

Vidya Bala

Call it green shoots or simply a week of positive news flows, at least for a good part. The equity markets had enough reason to react positively through the week…Continue Reading

FAQs on investing in the current volatile market

Vidya Bala

With equity markets in turmoil, you may have plenty of questions on what to do with your equity portfolio and whether you could look at strategies to make your portfolio…Continue Reading

Should you wait for the economy to bottom before you invest?

Vidya Bala

Okay folks, your gloom and doom picture is now complete as the month of August ends. The volatile equity and debt market and now the GDP numbers announced for the…Continue Reading

Long is the name of the equity game

Vidya Bala

Even as all eyes are glued to the debt market, the equity market has its own story to tell, if we care to listen; what with forward valuations (price earnings…Continue Reading

To be or not to be in the market?

Vidya Bala

The S&P BSE Sensex fell 3% in the last one month and as if that weren’t enough, bond yields have been moving up since May 22, causing a fall in…Continue Reading