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Jana Small Finance Bank Ltd. – IPO Note – Equity Research Desk

Equities Desk

Company overview Jana Small Finance Bank Limited is a small finance bank (SFB) with registered office in Karnataka. The bank’s primary products are deposits (demand deposits, savings deposits and term…Continue Reading

FI Bullets – December 2023

Equities Desk

The Indian stock market maintained its upward trend, carrying forward the positive momentum from the previous month. Following a strong November, marked by significant milestones for the Nifty 50 index,…Continue Reading

Medi Assist Healthcare Services Limited – IPO Note – Equity Research Desk

Equities Desk

Company overview Medi Assist Healthcare is a third-party administration (TPA) service provider to insurance companies through wholly owned subsidiaries Medi Assist TPA, Medvantage TPA (from February 13, 2023) and Raksha…Continue Reading

Alpha | Data Patterns (India) Ltd. – Equity Research Desk

Equities Desk

Data Patterns (India) Ltd – Defence and Aerospace Electronic Solutions Data Patterns (India) Limited is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Defence and Aerospace Electronics sector in India. It…Continue Reading

Indian Equity Markets at All-Time Highs. What should you do?

Jiral Mehta

In the last few months, Indian equity markets have recovered (up around 14%) and have reached new all-time high levels. When markets reach all-time highs, it’s normal to feel uneasy…Continue Reading

India Shelter Finance Corporation Limited – IPO Note – Equity Research Desk

Equities Desk

Company overview India Shelter Finance is a retail focused affordable housing finance company engaged in the business of providing loans for house construction, extension, renovation, and purchase of new homes…Continue Reading

FI Bullets – November 2023

Equities Desk

The stock market in India is a bit complicated right now. It has both good and not-so-good things happening. The market keeps going up and down, showing how it’s affected…Continue Reading

Tata Technologies Limited – IPO Note – Equity Research Desk

Equities Desk

Company Overview: Tata Technologies Limited, a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate Tata Motors, is a leading global engineering services company offering product development and digital solutions, including turnkey solutions, to…Continue Reading

MUHURAT PICKS – 2023 | Equity desk

Equities Desk

Muhurat Pick – 1: Cyient Ltd Investment Rationale: Cyient Ltd offers niche product and process engineering services in domains such as communication, aerospace & defence, transportation, mining, energy, and utilities.…Continue Reading

Is there a higher risk of a large fall when the equity market reaches an all-time high?

Shrinath M L

“Given the sharp run-up in recent weeks, I feel the risk of a large market fall has increased. Should I redeem my equity investments to avoid loss?” If you had…Continue Reading