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FI Bullets – May 2023

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The NIFTY 50 and BSE Sensex, which are important market indicators, experienced a nearly 2.5% increase during May. However, this growth is relatively lower compared to the previous month. The…Continue Reading

FI Bullets – April 2023

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The BSE Sensex and the NIFTY 50 both rose more than 3.5% in April, surprising investors. These main indexes experienced a substantial uptick in stock prices aided by a solid…Continue Reading

FI Bullets – March 2023

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The Indian stock markets remain in the negative as the end of the financial year draws near. Nonetheless, experts assert that despite global unrest, this correction is a great opportunity…Continue Reading

FI Bullets – February 2023

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It was a particularly interesting month for the Indian stock markets. The stock market has been caught off guard by wild stock movements and global volatility. FundsIndia as a company…Continue Reading

FI Bullets – January 2023 | Equity Research Desk

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January has seen some major ups and downs in the Stock market. Thanks to the “January Effect”.  FundsIndia as a company is dedicated to providing great assistance in terms of…Continue Reading

FI Bullets – December 2022 | Equity Research Desk

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December is the season of holidays. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families. The stock market also had some surprises this December.  FundsIndia as a company is…Continue Reading

FI Bullets – November 2022 | Equity Research Desk

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This November marked the 14th anniversary of FundsIndia. To add to the celebration, we have also reached the milestone of 10,000 AUM. It is with great pleasure that we thank…Continue Reading

FI Bullets – October 2022 | Equity Research Desk

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Dear Investor,  The month of October was an exciting month filled with festivities and celebrations – Diyas, Sweets, Shopping & whatnot. With that said, we had a wonderful time celebrating…Continue Reading