The future of investing – now, in your hands

April 1, 2015 . FundsIndia Desk
A screenshot of the FundsIndia app
A screenshot of the FundsIndia app

The future of investing is here. It allows you to access your portfolio from the convenience of your smart phone. It enables you to start / stop investments with just a few swipes of your fingertips. It comes with an interface so simple and de-cluttered that you start seeing the way you save money with a fresh pair of eyes.

Presenting FundsIndia’s revolutionary app for mobile investing. Armed with the best transaction and management features, this mobile app allows you to:

• Login without a password – Yes, you’ve been rescued from the hassle of entering a password every time you use your app. All you have to do is set a pattern lock exclusive to your app. Once this is done, you can log in to your FundsIndia account in a safe manner, that too in just a few seconds!

• View and manage your portfolio – You can view the performance of your investments on your phone – 24 X 7. Besides this flexibility, the app also allows you to manage your holdings in a quick and simple manner. Now, you can complete pending payments like Alert SIPs and NEFT transactions, and also initiate switch transactions – all from the convenience of your phone.

• Invest on the goMutual fund investing has never been this easy. With the FundsIndia app, you can make new investments and additional investments. You can choose the funds of your choice and start investing in them right away. You can either make lump-sum investments, or choose the systematic route of SIPs, paying for them through internet banking. Lump-sum payments through NACH mandates will also be available on the app shortly.

• Take advantage of the best SIP calculators – Want to start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), but don’t know how much you’ll have to save to get to your goal? Worry not, because the FundsIndia app comes with simple calculators that help you estimate this amount. This gives you clarity on how much you need to save over what time period in order to comfortably achieve your goal.

• Ask and you shall receive – The FundsIndia mobile app comes with an ‘Ask Advisor’ feature. On clicking this option, your FundsIndia advisor will call you back shortly.

• The choice is yours – Besides mutual funds, the FundsIndia app also allows you to invest in corporate fixed deposits and 24 Karat Gold with the Reliance My Gold Plan (RMGP).

This mobile app is free of cost, and is now available only for Android phones. The app will be launched for other mobile operating systems very soon.


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