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September 15, 2015 . FundsIndia Desk

Have you ever felt like investing is similar to witnessing a grand film on screen? For one, investments evoke the same myriad emotions we’d feel much like when watching a spectacular movie. To experience a trailer of what we’re telling you, just open your account dashboard and take in what you see. For the touchy-feely ones among us, these emotions come into play even on seeing any / all industry or market news. There’s drama (when the markets go sliding up or down), action (buying / selling), romance (oh, the way high returns kindle our heart), tragedy (need I say anything here?), and more! Whoever said that investing is a boring affair has clearly not known investing well enough.

Your investment film typically involves the following star cast: The main protagonist of your film, the hero, is, of course, your investments. He is truly, madly and deeply in love with ‘high returns’ – his beloved. In spite of all the obstacles in his way, he keeps working hard to make sure he wins her heart. Now there is another main protagonist who is central to the success of this film – the heroine’s father, whose approval and blessings are important for your hero’s ‘happily ever after’ with his beloved. Introducing – investment reports aka the heroine’s father.

On the face of it, investment reports come across as stiff, drab and dreary; however, if you look underneath the layers, then realisation will hit you. All it ever wants from you, in fact the sole reason of its very existence, is to help you get more out of your investments. You could say that investment reports are an antidote to insomnia for they put you to sleep the moment you even think about it. But with the power-packed technological tools of, investment reports have been revamped so that they help you track and maintain your investments with ease.

Says Gopalakrishnan Upadhyaya, Head of Products,, “Investing money is the easiest part about investing. It’s the tracking and maintaining of investments that’s challenging. That’s why we’ve made investment reports available to every investor at These require minimal effort on an investor’s part for they are updated automatically, and stored online. There is no hassle at all as there is no paperwork involved. Moreover, they can be downloaded in just the click of a button whenever an investor would like to review his investments.”

To make sure your investment film is a blockbuster hit, you can use investment reports to your advantage by simply logging in to your account, and selecting ‘Reports’ from the top menu. Some of the reports available to you are:

Holdings Report
Holdings Report

1. Holdings Reports – This report gives you instant information on your current investment holdings.

Transaction Report
Transaction Report

2. Transaction Reports – This is a detailed report on all your investment transactions with FundsIndia. You’ll know exactly how much you’ve invested, how many units you’ve purchased, when you’ve invested, and more – all in one report. You get two variants in this report – a fund-wise report, and a chronological report.

Capital Gains Statement
Capital Gains Statement

3. Capital Gains Statement – This report features your capital gains for the current financial year, or for a period you specify. You can get the current update on realized, un-realized, short-term and long-term gains for all your investments in a single place using this report.

SIP Report
SIP Report

4. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Reports – You can download an instant report of all the SIPs (SIP, STP, SWP, VIP and VTP) you have set up on the FundsIndia platform.

5. Portfolio x-Ray, Instant Reviews, and Portfolio Analysis – Yup, there’s more to ensure you get your capital’s worth at! These tools will help you take stock of where your portfolio currently stands, where you wish to go with it, and what needs to be done in order to reach your desired goal, and more. You can read more about these reports by clicking here.

How these reports benefit you

These reports benefit you immensely in the following ways:

1. Filing taxes – These reports are exactly what you need at the time of filing taxes. Last minute computation worries? Say goodbye to them once and for all!

2. Compare performance – Your FundsIndia dashboard provides substantial information on the performance of your investments at a glance. However, if you’d like specific information on how your investments have done over specific years, and if you’d like to compare that performance, then all you need is any one of these reports.

3. Track performance – Track how much you’ve invested, and when, to analyse your investment behaviour with these reports. You can also download the transaction history of individual funds / folios and check their performance over a specific period of time. Moreover, you get detailed insights on the age of individual investments, your unrealised short-term and long-term returns, number of active / inactive SIPs, etc.

4. Easy format – These reports can be downloaded as Excel sheets / PDFs as per your convenience. While Excel sheets make computation easier (if you’d like to analyse the XIRR, conduct a regression analysis, etc. of your investments), PDFs are easier to print and maintain, or to just print and save in a folder on your laptop.

See?! Investment reports can be so helpful when it comes to tracking and maintaining your investments. Download these reports and start using them to your advantage right away to give your investment film the fairy tale ending it deserves.

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