Best practices to be followed for CDSL Demat account holders

August 4, 2022 . Syed Asif Ahamed

We would like to bring to your kind notice from CDSL – Central Depository Services (India) Limited-  dos and don’ts to be followed to protect your Demat account from fraudulent practices. 


  • Login to to register for CDSL’s internet-based facility ‘easi‘ to monitor your Demat account. 
  • Register for SMART and obtain SMS alerts for any debits in your Demat account.
  • CDSL sends alerts and notifications to investors on their registered mobile number through SMS and e-mail for any modification done in their master details, debit in Demat account, pledge creation, change in nominee, etc. 
  • If you receive an SMS for a transaction not executed by you, kindly inform your DP/CDSL immediately. 
  • Whenever you do any changes in your Personal Information like address, bank account details, email ID, and mobile number linked to your Demat account in the correct format, kindly inform your DP and get a confirmation of the update in the system. 
  • Create a strong and complex password and change it at regular intervals. 
  • Kindly freeze your Demat account if not been used for a long period.
  • Before providing the Power of Attorney (PoA) of your Demat account to an individual, examine the level of powers being given thoroughly.
  • Kindly check whether you are receiving your transaction statements every month as instructed by your DP. 


  • Do not share the One Time Password (OTP) received from your DP/ CDSL with anyone. 
  • Do not share login credentials of your Demat Account provided by CDSL such as e-DIS, easiest, etc. with anyone else. 
  • Beware of unknown applications. Kindly don’t download any unknown application on your phone/device. It may be a bug and the sender can access your confidential data without your knowledge. 

In case you notice any unauthorized debits or credits, contact your DP for clarification. Still if not resolved, you can post your grievances and complaint by visiting → Post your grievances or you can simply click the button given below.

Warm Regards, 

Team FundsIndia

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