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Akash Kapur was an Executive, Marketing Communications at FundsIndia.

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Think you don’t have enough to invest? You do!

Akash Kapur

Thanks to the general rise in financial awareness and the Mutual Funds Sahi Hai campaign by AMFI, most people now know how important it is to invest in mutual funds.…Continue Reading

Money bag with coins falling in it, with its growth being marked on a scale

The easy way to pick-up a good financial habit

Akash Kapur

It takes anywhere from 18 to 254 days to make or break a new habit, experts say. That means you need to spend at least 18 days (and probably much,…Continue Reading

An SUV driving through water, near mountains

YOLO – the ‘cool’ phrase that may be ruining your financial health

Akash Kapur

YOLO – You Only Live Once. Those who were born in the nineties would have come across this phrase at least once in their lives. That is if they’re not…Continue Reading

Preparing for death: Key financial decisions to protect your loved ones in case of your demise

Akash Kapur

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” – Mark Twain While some of you may…Continue Reading

A man (investor) standing on a cliff, and staring at his goal - a mountain peak (his goal)

3 reasons why goal-based investing is good for you

Akash Kapur

If you’ve been reading up on mutual funds lately, chances are you’ve seen people talking about ‘goals’ and ‘goal-based investing.’ So, what is goal-based investing? Put simply, it is the…Continue Reading

3 pieces of investment ‘wisdom’ you need to avoid

Akash Kapur

India has a rich tradition of passing down teachings and wisdom through oral communication. While in older times, it was sages passing down knowledge to their pupils, this tradition has…Continue Reading

Man sitting on a bench - relaxing - indicative of man who retired early and is enjoying his life

Cheat sheet: How to retire in 20 years (or less)

Akash Kapur

“I’m going to work till I’m forty and then travel the world.” Chances are you’ve caught yourself or your friend(s) voicing such thoughts at least once in the past few…Continue Reading

Mutual funds (investing) and career - two cases where your parents may NOT know best (image: girl-blocking-ears)

Two cases where you should NOT follow your parents’ advice

Akash Kapur

Parents are a key part of most people’s lives. They raise you, educate you, and play a major role in making you who you are. People often seek their parents’…Continue Reading

The gentleman's game, cricket, is not just good for exercise and excitement - it also offers a lot of good tips that can help you become a better mutual fund investor

3 tips for winning at cricket and investing

Akash Kapur

We Indians are known to be passionate when it comes to cricket. From the celebratory fireworks every time our team wins a major tournament to the mass sadness and hysteria…Continue Reading

The importance of investing on a fixed date

Akash Kapur

Irrespective of whether you’re a person who lives by a clockwork schedule or someone who likes to plan things on the go, there are some things that run on a…Continue Reading